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Why add HPMC to mortar?

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Why add HPMC to mortar?

HPMC Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is a kind of non-ionic cellulose ether obtained by a series of chemical processing with refined cotton as raw material. Mainly used in construction industry: water-resistant putty powder, putty paste, toughened putty, paint glue and masonry plastering mortar, dry powder insulation mortar and other dry powder building materials.

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose Kimacell has good water retention effect, easy construction, viscosity is available for a variety of choices, can achieve a variety of needs.

KimaCell® HPMC Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether with good performance can significantly improve the construction performance, pumping and spraying performance of mortar, is an important additive in mortar.Kima Chemical Co.,Ltd is our manufacturing factory for cellulose ethers.

1, HPMC KimaCell® hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether has excellent water retention performance, widely used in all kinds of mortar, including masonry mortar, plastering mortar and ground leveling mortar, improve the bleeding of mortar.

2, KimaCell®HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether Kimacell has significant thickening effect, improve the construction performance and workability of mortar, change the fluidity of the product, achieve the desired appearance effect, improve the plumpness and use volume of mortar.

3, HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether because of its can improve the cohesion and operation of mortar, overcome the common faults of ordinary mortar shell, empty drum, reduce falling material, save materials, reduce costs.Kima Chemical Co.,Ltd is our producing factory for cellulose ethers.

4, KimaCell®HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether has a certain retarding effect, can ensure the operational time of mortar, improve the plasticity of mortar and construction effect.

5, KimaCell®HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether can be introduced into the right amount of bubbles, can greatly improve the freezing resistance of mortar, improve the durability of mortar.Kima Chemical Co.,Ltd is our supplier factory for cellulose ethers.

6, KimaCell®cellulose ether is combined with physical and chemical action to keep water thickening, in the process of hydration can produce substances causing micro-expansion performance, so that the mortar has a certain micro-expansion performance, prevent mortar in the late hydration process due to shrinkage caused by cracking, improve the service life of the building.Kima Chemical co is Find here listing of cellulose ethers manufacturers, suppliers, dealers & exporters across China offering wide range of Kimacell cellulose ethers at best price.