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Low viscosity cellulose ether

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Low viscosity cellulose ether


Viscosity Type


Max H2O %


MinViscosity  mPa.s


Max Viscosity mPa.s


Max NaCl %


Max Residue% (0.15mm sieve)


Min pH


Max pH


Min Bulk Density g/ml


Max Bulk Density g/ml


Ii. Application of low viscosity cellulose ether 400 in self-leveling

1. Fluidity and smoothness

2. The mortar can be automatically levelled under the action of dead weight and slight external force, which greatly improves the construction efficiency. Good retarding effect and stability

3. Increase the delay time of self-leveling mortar, so that there will be no segregation, stratification and bleeding in the process of coagulation and hardening of self-leveling mortar

4. Make self-leveling mortar have good wear resistance

Three: product nature

Description: this product is a white or slightly yellowish powder, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic.

Water solubility and thickening ability: this product can dissolve in cold water to form transparent viscous solution.

Dissolution in organic solvents: because it contains a certain amount of hydrophobic methoxyl, this product can be dissolved in some organic solvents, but also soluble in water and mixed organic solvents.

Salt resistance: Because this product is non-ionic and non-polyelectrolyte, it is stable in aqueous solution of metal salts or organic electrolytes.

Surface activity: The aqueous solution of this product has surface activity, making it emulsifying, protecting colloid and relative stability.

Hot gelation: when heated above a certain temperature, the solution of this product can become opaque, precipitate, so that the solution loses viscosity. But as it cools, it returns to its original solution. The temperature at which condensation and precipitation occur depends on the type of product, the concentration of the solution, and the heating rate.

Low ash content: Because this product is non-ionic and can be efficiently refined by hot water washing during preparation, it has very low ash content.

PH stability: The viscosity of this product aqueous solution is stable in the range of PH3.0-11.0.

Water retention: because this product is hydrophilic and its aqueous solution is high viscosity. It is added to mortar, etc to maintain high water retention in the product.

Shape retention: Compared with water-soluble polymers, aqueous solution of this product has special viscoelastic properties. Its addition has the ability to improve the shape of extruded products.

Lubricity: adding this product can reduce the friction coefficient and improve the lubricity of extruded ceramic products and products.

Film forming: this product can produce strong, flexible, transparent sheets with good oil resistance and ester resistance

Packing: double layer bags with inner polyethylene film bag and outer composite paper bag, each bag net weight 25 kg.