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How to choose HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose viscosity?

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How to choose HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose viscosity?

HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose in the construction industry is very widely used, but in the use of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is not the same, which has a lot to do with its viscosity, so HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose viscosity what? How to choose viscosity? Here is a detailed introduction.

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose viscosity is divided into: 100,000 viscosity, 150,000 viscosity, 200,000 viscosity.

How to choose HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose?

Interior wall be putty child powder, ceramic tile adhesive, jointing agent, agglutinate cement mortar, high-strength grouting material can use the hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose of 100 thousand viscosity.

Vitrified beads insulation mortar standard is higher, to 150 thousand viscosity hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose or 200000 viscosity hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, if the selection of 100000 viscosity is very easy to form flow hanging phenomenon.

The most important function of methyl cellulose is water retention, followed by thickening. In the inner wall putty powder, if the water solubility is good and the viscosity is low (7-80000, it can also be, when the viscosity exceeds 100 thousand, the influence of the viscosity on the water retention is not great, the production and manufacture of the inner wall putty powder does not need to choose 200000 viscosity, because the viscosity is too high, it is difficult to scrape and scrape.

100,000 viscosity hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC application

1, engineering construction cement mortar plaster mortar

High water solubility can make concrete abundant solidification, continue to increase the adhesive compressive strength, the same can appropriately improve the tensile degree and cutting strength, and then improve the actual effect of engineering construction, improve the work efficiency.

2, water resistant putty powder

In the putty powder is important to lock water, bonding and wetting, to avoid the crack caused by too fast water shortage and drying phenomenon of the same enhance the adhesive force of putty powder, reduce the phenomenon of flow hanging in the construction of engineering, engineering construction is silky slippery.

3, paint gypsum series

In the gypsum product series plays an important role in water retention, thickening, wetting and so on, the same has a certain slowing effect, to solve the problem of drum splitting in the construction process, the original strength can not reach, can prolong the construction time.

4, waterproof putty

The key as emulsifier, can improve the compressive strength and cutting strength, improve the surface coating, enhance adhesion and bonding strength.

5, ceramic tile binder

High water solubility can not be wet or wet floor tile in advance, significantly improve the bonding strength, slurry can be long construction period, meticulous, symmetrical, convenient and fast engineering construction, and has high quality wettability.

6, jointing agent, groove jointing agent

The addition of HPMC cellulose makes it have high quality adhesion, low shrinkage and high wear resistance, protect the basic raw materials from mechanical equipment damage, avoid infiltration to all engineering construction caused by the ring.

7, self leveling material

Smooth cohesiveness ensures high quality fluidity and self-leveling working ability of cement. Adjusting water locking rate enables it to set quickly, reduce cracking and folding.

8, wall paint architectural paint

In architectural coatings manufacturing hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose can be used as film former, emulsifier, emulsion breaker and thickener is applied, the film has better wear resistance, all properties, adhesive, improvement for determination of the pH value of the interfacial tension, and the miscibility of the actual effect of the solvent is good also, lock water features to make it with high quality brush.

150 000 viscosity hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose application

The viscosity of nearly one hundred fifty thousand viscosity and two hundred thousand viscosity, both used in the viscosity of one hundred thousand also applies to the viscosity of two hundred thousand.

HPMC 200000 viscosity hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose application

In building decoration materials, especially the use of inorganic insulation mortar layer, top up the glue, improve the effect of compressive strength, make cement mortar more easy sizing, improve work efficiency, also has the vertical flow resistance effect, higher lock water features can extend the time of cement mortar on the wall, ascending fold resistance and cracking resistance, improve the surface quality, enhance cohesive force.