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CMC market status and analysis of cellulose ether

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CMC market status and analysis of cellulose ether

Facing the current complex economic situation at home and abroad and continuous increasing of economy downward pressure, cellulose ether CMC industry this year to meet the coldest period of the historical development, in excess capacity, the downstream demand, the low price of malicious competition and rising prices of raw materials, etc., how to realize industry present situation, get rid of the difficulties, out of the woods, Cellulose ether CMC industry is the responsibility of all entrepreneurs. 

On June 21, China Cellulose Industry Association held a forum for the first branch president of cellulose ether in Beijing. Liu Haiyan, secretary general of the Association; Chen Zhengwei, president of cellulose Ether Branch 1; Vice Chairmen Chen Bingsheng, Zhao Chuncai and Wang Hongjiang; Shao Ziqiang, director of the technical Committee, and related staff of the secretariat of the association attended the meeting. All the presidents elaborated their views on the current situation of the industry and put forward countermeasures and suggestions according to the situation of their own enterprises. Liu haiyan, secretary general of made a summary statement, first of all, he was invited to attend on behalf of the association in your busy schedule of entrepreneurs say thank, has carried on the induction to your speech, emphasize rational look at the development of the industry in the past, the right attitude towards the future, make good use of the association of communication platform, to constantly unified thought, reach a consensus, the healthy development of leading industry. 

The forum reached the following consensus:

First, enterprises should have the mentality and determination to tide over difficulties and seize opportunities in the face of overcapacity and near-loss in the industry. Proactively respond to difficulties, reduce production, reduce personnel, reduce production costs, improve technology, improve quality, expand new applications and other aspects to increase benefits.

Second, enterprises should show real skills, increase the strength of technological research and development, quality assurance system, give full play to technological advantages, keep pace with the world's high-end products, and take the road of differentiated, high-end, high value-added products.

Third, we must respect the laws of the market economy. Overcapacity can only be accomplished through market regulation. Joint price increases cannot be achieved in a free market economy and are also illegal. The industry resolutely opposes and resists low-price dumping, especially the low-price and malicious competition of export products. The consequence is to make foreign middlemen profit, which not only damages the interests of enterprises, but also damages the interests and reputation of the industry.

Fourth, the correct understanding of raw material refined cotton price, refined cotton price is because of the shortage of cotton staple and price. Rising prices are a double-edged sword, driving up prices in downstream industries while expanding the use of wood pulp, a cheaper alternative to dissolved chemical pulp.

5. CMC industry has been developing rapidly for 14 years since 2001, and all enterprises have made rich profits and accumulated capital. The current predicament is the inevitable result of the market law. The real economy is the cornerstone of national economy and people's livelihood, but also the driving force of national economic development. We must be firm in the determination that the real economy will develop well and firmly believe that CMC industry will develop better.