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Cellulose ether price

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Cellulose ether price

As of December 20,2021, the mainstream cellulose ether price of construction level cellulose ether CMC market is between 13000-14000 yuan/ton, down 1000 yuan/ton compared to last week, and down 2000 yuan/ton compared to last week. The price of construction level HPMC Shandong market is between 26000-30000 yuan/ton. The cellulose ether market price in North China is between 22,000 and 24,000 yuan/ton, and the price in Sichuan is between 30,000-35,000 yuan/ton. The market price of construction grade HPMC falls by 4,000 yuan/ton on a sequential basis, and rises by 4750 yuan/ton on a year-on-year basis.

Raw material price: As of December 20, refined cotton price is 13,000 yuan/ton, down 23.53% from the previous month; chloroacetic acid market price in Shandong is 7,500 yuan/ton, down 11.76% from the previous month, up 10.29% from the previous year; 99% alkaloid market price in North China is 3,331 yuan/ton, up 13.11% from the previous month, up 85.06% from the previous year. The market price of propylene oxide in East China is 13350 yuan/ton, down 5.32% from the previous month and 25.83% from the previous year. The market price of methyl chloride in East China is 3400 yuan/ton, down 9.33% from the previous month and up 51.11% from the previous year. The raw material price of cellulose ether presents a downward trend, but is generally at a high level.

CMC Market

Recent CMC market center of gravity down, influenced by weak demand, some CMC enterprises parking or send a negative response, near the winter Olympics, part of the production enterprises with production expected, the current is given priority to with qing inventory, industry construction, low supply showed a trend of decline, the temperature drops, more disease recurrence and the increasing cost of electricity factors overlay, construction market activity is reduced, Slow demand for CMC, each enterprise construction level of CMC shipment, at the same time the recent cost down the price of chloroacetic acid, alkali liquid, support cost reduced, surface pressure, bad news on CMC enterprises cut ex-factory price, increased risk aversion to new single clinch a deal the few, the market is given priority to with the early stage of the delivery order, but the level of printing and dyeing CMC shipment is better, in general, CMC market cost side support is still in, but the downstream demand downturn drag on the market, construction level CMC market center of gravity declined slightly.

Follow up: Light is given priority to, refined cotton, chloroacetic acid market price of liquid alkali weight rose, the raw material surface to CMC support is limited, affected by the winter Olympics, shandong and hebei regions negative expectations, some enterprises have parking or fall CMC supply decrease, into the winter, construction present greatly reduced, more depressed demand for CMC, overall bad more than good, It is expected that the CMC market will run weakly in the short term, and the CMC market price will be between 1000-14,000 yuan/ton. We will pay attention to the raw material market and supply and demand in the future.

HPMC market

Recent HPMC market price cut again, the recent raw materials refined cotton, propylene oxide and liquid alkali prices, cost lower, suppression of HPMC market price, at the same time the downstream market enter the traditional off-season, the north market basic stagnation, slow demand, market demand slightly lower in the south, near the winter Olympics, part of the northern companies have reduced negative expectations, or parking two light industry supply and demand, Lack of good news support, enterprises profit delivery, factory prices down, down the price, some hoarding behavior, the market atmosphere slightly better.

Follow up: Refined cotton prices weak stability is given priority to, epoxy propane centre of gravity is weak, liquid alkali prices up the center of gravity, the raw material surface gives the HPMC market support is limited, due to factors such as approaching year-end, the temperature drops, the engineering construction will also enter the final stage, from the south of HPMC demand continues to reduce, but affected by the winter Olympic Games policy, hebei expected, some enterprises have parking Site spot resources reduced, or will drive HPMC market price up slightly, it is expected that in the short term HPMC market interval sorting mainly, HPMC market price between 24000-30000 yuan/ton, follow-up attention to the raw material market, and supply and demand.