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RDP for waterproof Mortar

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Redispersible polymer powderRDP/VAE is a polymer emulsion that has undergone the correct spray drying process (as well as the selection of appropriate additives)Powdery polymer. When the polymer dry powder meets water, it becomes emulsion and can be dehydrated again in the process of mortar setting and hardening, so that the polymer particles form a polymer object structure in the mortar, which is similar to the action process of polymer emulsion and plays a modification role in cement mortar. Emulsion dry modified mortar is called dry mortar (also known as dry mixed mortar, dry mixing mortar).

Because of the dry powder does not need to be considered as polymer emulsion preparation, stability problem, a small amount of adding mortar can achieve the required performance, and is better than the emulsion is easy to packaging, storage, transportation and supply, antifreeze and no mildew, bacteria, and with cement and sand ready-mixed made of single-component products packaging add water use advantages. When applied, the sand, cement, latex dry powder and other additives are mixed and packed well in advance, and the dry mortar with better performance can be made immediately by adding a certain amount of water in the field construction. The core of emulsion dry powder preparation lies in the particle size of polymer particles similar to the original emulsion polymer particles or particle size dispersion. To add a certain amount of protective colloid such as polyvinyl alcohol in the emulsion, so that polymer powder RDP/VAE can be re-dispersed into emulsion when in contact with water, polymer powder RDP/VAE only have good dispersability in order to ensure the best efficacy. polymer powder RDP/VAE available in dispersion is usually white powder.

Its ingredients include:

Polymer resin: located in the core part of redispersible polymer powder particles, is also the main component of redispersible polymer powder RDP/VAE play a role.

Additive (inside) : in conjunction with the resin to modify the resin.

Additive (external) : additional materials are added to further expand the properties of redispersible polymer powder RDP/VAE.

Protective colloid: a layer of hydrophilic material wrapped on the surface of redispersible polymer powder RDP/VAE particles. Most of the protective colloid of redispersible polymer powder RDP/VAE is polyvinyl alcohol.

Anti-caking agent: fine mineral filler, mainly used to prevent the caking of redispersible polymer powder in the process of storage and transportation and facilitate the flow of redispersible polymer powder (dump out of the paper bag or tank car).