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RDP For Tile Adhesive

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Redispersible polymer powder RDP/VAE is commonly used

1, Tile adhesive: ceramic tile adhesive, building and insulation board adhesive;

2, wall mortar: external insulation mortar, decorative mortar;

3, floor mortar: self-leveling mortar, repair mortar, waterproof mortar, dry powder interface agent;

4, powder coating: interior and exterior wall and smallpox putty powder, polymer powder modified lime-cement plaster and paint;

5, joint filling material: ceramic tile jointing agent, joint mortar.

Redispersible polymer powder RDP/VAE can make mortar significantly improve bonding ability and its own tensile strength, falling resistance, water retention and thickening construction performance is good, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, heat aging performance outstanding, simple ingredients, easy to use. New earth powder and cement has good fusion, skeleton can be completely dissolved in cement mortar paste, the strength of the cement, curing does not reduce both keep the adhesive effect, film-forming property and flexibility, but also has good corrosion resistance, stability and bonding performance and crack resistance, dry hind, can effectively prevent the erosion of acidic air on wall, after the wet pulverization, not easily deliquescence. It can improve the performance of mortar, improve the strength of mortar, improve the bonding strength of mortar and various substrates, improve the flexibility and variability of mortar, compressive strength, flexural strength, wear resistance, toughness, adhesion and water retention ability, construction. In addition, polymer powder with hydrophobicity can make mortar has good water resistance.

Redispersible polymer powder RDP/VAE does not need to be stored and transported with water, reducing transportation costs; Long storage life, anti-freezing, easy to keep; Small size, light weight, easy to use; It can be mixed with a hydrocoagulable binder to form a synthetic resin modified premix, which only needs to add water when used, which not only avoids errors in mixing at the site, but also improves the safety of product handling.

To disperse polymer powder in a mortar are all in order to make the traditional cement mortar weakness such as brittleness, high elastic modulus of the improved, fu in cement mortar bond strength, good flexibility and tensile resistance and delay the cracks of cement mortar, due to the polymer and cement mortar form interpenetrating network structure, the pore formed in the continuous polymer membranes, strengthen the bond between aggregate, Blocked part of the pores in the mortar, so the hardening of modified mortar than cement mortar performance has a great improvement.

Redispersible polymer powder RDP/VAE disperses into a film and plays a strengthening role as a second adhesive; Protective colloid is absorbed by mortar system (film will not be destroyed by water, or "secondary dispersion"); The polymer resin is distributed in the whole mortar system as reinforcement material, which increases the cohesion of mortar.