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Paint India 2020 was scheduled to be held in March 2020, and was on track to clock record exhibitor numbers, domestic visitors and international delegates. However, just 10 days before the Event, the organisers took the extremely difficult call to postpone the event, bearing in mind the health and safety of the industry in the backdrop of COVID-19. The decision was a call of conscience, driven by common sense and empathy, and was vindicated given what transpired over the next few days and months in the aftermath of the postponement. This 2022 Edition promises to fill this void and allow the Industry to bounce back and network on a curated mass platform once again.

More Focused and Serious Business

The inability of the industry to engage in person, as normal, over the last 18 months, will make Paint India a prime and preferred platform, since there is a clear hunger and thirst for the industry to meet in a safe and meaningful manner. The neutral and large scale industry congregation that Paint India provides is a perfect fit in this context. For the above reasons, we anticipate a lot of the business meetings to be more focused and outcome-oriented, without the casual element that was often observed at all trade shows earlier. Our match-making facility (for exhibitors and designated visitors) will allow both to pre-book appointments, allowing both to prioritise visits and make better use of their time, maximising the business engagement at this edition.

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