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Oil Drilling Grade HEC


Oil drilling grade HEC Hydroxyethyl cellulose is a kind of nonionic soluble cellulose ether, soluble in both hot and cold water, with thickening, suspension, adhesion, emulsification, film forming, water retention and protective colloid properties. Widely used in paint, cosmetics, oil drilling and other industries.Oil drilling grade HEC is used as a thickener in a variety of muds required for drilling, well setting, cementing and fracturing operations to achieve good fluidity and stability. Improving mud transport during drilling and preventing large amounts of water from entering the reservoir stabilize the production capacity of the reservoir.

Properties of hydroxyethyl cellulose

As a non-ionic surfactant, hydroxyethyl cellulose has the following properties in addition to thickening, suspension, bonding, floating, film forming, dispersing, water retention and providing protective colloid:

1, HEC can be dissolved in hot or cold water, high temperature or boiling does not precipitate, so that it has a wide range of solubility and viscosity properties, and non-thermal gel;

2, its non-ionic can coexist with a wide range of other water-soluble polymers, surfactants, salts, is an excellent colloidal thickener containing high concentration of electrolyte solution;

3, water retention capacity is twice higher than methyl cellulose, with good flow adjustability,

4, HEC dispersion ability compared with methyl cellulose and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose dispersion ability is poor, but the protective colloid ability is strong.

Four, hydroxyethyl cellulose uses: generally used as thickening agent, protective agent, adhesive, stabilizer and preparation of emulsion, jelly, ointment, lotion, eye cleaning agent, suppository and tablet additives, also used as hydrophilic gel, skeleton material, preparation of skeleton type sustained release preparation, can also be used in food as stabilizer and other functions.

The main properties in oil drilling

HEC is viscous in processed and filled muds. It helps to provide a good low solids mud and minimize damage to the wellbore. Mud thickened with HEC is easily degraded to hydrocarbons by acids, enzymes, or oxidants and can recover limited oil.

HEC can carry mud and sand in the broken mud. These fluids can also be easily degraded by these acids, enzymes or oxidants.

HEC provides ideal low-solid drilling fluids that provide greater permeability and better drilling stability. Its fluid containment properties can be used in hard rock formations, as well as caving or sliding shale formations.

In cementing operations,HEC reduces friction in pore-pressure cement slurries, thus minimizing structural damage caused by water loss.

Chemcial Specification


White to off-white powder

Particle size

98% pass 100 mesh

Molar substituting on degree (MS)


Residue on ignition (%)


pH value


Moisture (%)


Products Grades

HEC grade


(NDJ, mPa.s, 2%)


(Brookfield, mPa.s, 1%)




HEC HS6000


HEC HS30000



HEC HS60000



HEC HS100000



HEC HS150000



Performance characteristics

1.Salt resistance

HEC is stable in highly concentrated saline solutions and does not decompose into ionic states. Used in electroplating, can make the plating surface more complete, more bright. More noteworthy is applied to contain borate, silicate and carbonate latex paint, still has a very good viscosity.

2.Thickening property

HEC is an ideal thickener for coatings and cosmetics. In practical application, its thickening and suspension, safety, dispersion, water retention combined application will produce a more ideal effect.


Pseudoplasticity is the property that the viscosity of solution decreases with the increase of rotational speed. HEC containing latex paint is easy to apply with a brush or roller and can increase the smoothness of the surface, which can also increase work efficiency; Hec-containing shampoos are fluid and sticky, easily diluted and easily dispersed.

4.Water retention

HEC helps to keep the moisture of the system in an ideal state. Because a small amount of HEC in aqueous solution can achieve a good water retention effect, so that the system reduces the water demand during the preparation. Without water retention and adhesion, cement mortar will reduce its strength and adhesion, and clay will also reduce plasticity under certain pressure.


The membrane formation properties of HEC can be used in many industries. In papermaking operations, coated with HEC glazing agent, can prevent grease penetration, and can be used to prepare other aspects of papermaking solution; HEC increases the elasticity of the fibers during the weaving process and thus reduces mechanical damage to them. HEC acts as a temporary protective film during sizing and dyeing of the fabric and can be washed away from the fabric with water when its protection is not needed.

Application Guide for oilfield Industry:

Used in oil field cementing and drilling

Hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC can be used as a thickener and cementing agent for well intervention fluid. A low fixed content solution that helps to provide clarity, thus greatly reducing structural damage to the well. Liquids thickened with hydroxyethyl cellulose are easily broken down by acids, enzymes or oxidants, greatly improving the ability to recover hydrocarbons.

Hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC is used as a proppant carrier in well fluids. These liquids can also be easily cracked by the process described above.

Drilling fluid with hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC is used to improve drilling stability due to its low solids content. These performance suppressor fluids can be used for drilling medium to high hardness rock layers and heavy shale or mud shale.

In cement reinforcement operations, hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC reduces hydraulic friction of mud and minimizes water loss from lost rock formations.

25kg paper bags inner with PE bags.

20’FCL load 12ton with pallet

40’FCL load 24ton with pallet

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