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HPMC Uses In Cosmetics

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Cosmetics grade HPMC Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is a synthetic polymer prepared by chemical modification of natural cellulose as raw material. Cellulose ether is a derivative of natural cellulose, cellulose ether production and synthetic polymer is different, its most basic material is cellulose, natural polymer compounds.

Product features

1, natural raw materials, low irritation, mild performance, safety and environmental protection;

2, water solubility and thickening: soluble in cold water, soluble in some organic solvents and water and organic solvents mixture;

3, thickening and viscosity: a small amount of solution to form a transparent viscous solution, high transparency, stable performance, solubility changes with the viscosity, the lower the viscosity, the greater solubility; Effectively improve system flow stability;

4, salt resistance: HPMC is a non-ionic polymer, more stable in metal salt or organic electrolyte aqueous solution;

5, surface activity: the product's aqueous solution has surface activity, emulsification, protective colloid and relative stability and other functions and properties; The surface tension is 42~ 56Dyn /cm in 2% aqueous solution.

6, PH stability: the viscosity of aqueous solution is stable in the range of ph3.0-11.0;

7, water retention: HPMC hydrophilic, added to the slurry, paste, paste products to maintain high water retention effect;

8, hot gelation: water solution becomes opaque when heated to a certain temperature, until the formation of (poly) flocculation state, so that the solution loses viscosity. But as it cools it will return to its original solution. The temperature at which gelation occurs depends on the type of product, the concentration of solution and the heating rate.

9, other characteristics: excellent film forming, as well as a wide range of enzyme resistance, dispersity and adhesion characteristics;

Product use

Cosmetics grade HPMC is mainly used in daily chemicals, daily washing products, cosmetics and other fields; Such as shampoo, bath fluid, facial cleanser, lotion, cream, gel, toner, hair conditioner, stereotyped products, toothpaste, toy bubble water and so on.

Role of cosmetics grade HPMC

In the application of cosmetics, Cosmetics grade HPMC mainly used for cosmetic thickening, foaming, stable emulsification, dispersion, adhesion, film and water retention performance improvement, high viscosity products used for thickening, low viscosity products mainly used for suspension dispersion and film.