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HPMC For Food Additives

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Chemical Name:Hydroxypropyl Methyl cellulose (HPMC)

CAS no. :9004-67-5

Technical requirements:HPMC food ingredients conforms to the standards of USP/NF,

EP and 2020 edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia

Note: Determination condition: viscosity 2% aqueous solution at 20°C

The main performance of food additives grade HPMC

Enzyme resistance: enzyme resistance is far better than starch, long-term efficiency is excellent;

Adhesion performance: in the effective dosage of the condition can play the best adhesion strength, at the same time can provide moisture and release taste;

Cold water solubility: HPMC is easy to hydrate very quickly at lower temperature;

Emulsifying performance: HPMC can reduce interfacial tension and reduce the accumulation of oil droplets to obtain better emulsifying stability;

HPMC ingredient Application field in food additives

1. Creamed cream (baked goods)

Improve baking volume, improve appearance, make texture more uniform;

Improve water retention and water distribution, thus prolonging storage life;

Improve the shape and texture of the product without increasing its toughness;

Superior adhesion to improve the strength and elasticity of flour products;

2. Plant meat (artificial meat)


Can effectively bond all kinds of ingredients together to ensure the

integrity of shape and appearance;

Having a hardness and taste similar to real meat;

3. Beverages and dairy products

Provides suspension aid over a wide temperature range without creating a sticky taste;

In instant coffee, HPMC can quickly produce stable foam;

Compatible with alcoholic beverages;

Provides a thick consistency for milk ice cream drinks without obscuring

the taste of the drink;Acid stability;

4. Quick-frozen and fried food

With excellent adhesion, can replace many other adhesives;

Retain original shape during processing, cooking, transportation, storage, repeated freezing/thawing;

Reduces the amount of oil absorbed during frying and helps food retain its original moisture;

5. Protein casings

Easy to shape in meat products, storage and cooking frying process is not easy to break;

Safety, improve taste, good transparency;

High air permeability and moisture permeability, completely preserve its fragrance, prolong the shelf life;Retain the original moisture;

6. Dessert additives

Provide good water retention, can help form fine and uniform ice crystal, make the taste better;

HPMC has foam stability and emulsification performance, so HPMC can improve the situation of dessert overflow;

Excellent foam stability when frozen/thawed;

HPMC can prevent dehydration and shrinkage and greatly prolong the storage period of dessert flowers.

7, seasoning agent

Unique thermal gel properties can maintain food stability

over a wide temperature range;Can quickly hydrate,

is an excellent thickener and stabilizer;With emulsifying

properties, can avoid food oil deposition during storage