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  • HPMC For Film Coating
    HPMC for Film coating is the technique of forming a thin film of a polymer over a solid preparation. For example, a layer of stable polymer material is sprayed uniformly on the surface of plain sheet by spraying method to form a plastic film layer several microns thick, so as to achieve the desired
  • HPMC For Food Additives
    Chemical Name:Hydroxypropyl Methyl cellulose (HPMC) CAS no. :9004-67-5Technical requirements:HPMC food ingredients conforms to the standards of USP/NF, EP and 2020 edition of Chinese PharmacopoeiaNote: Determination condition: viscosity 2% aqueous solution at 20°C The main performance of food additi
  • HPMC For Hand Sanitizer
    Hand sanitizer is a daily chemical product frequently used in daily life. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become popular among the public. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC, an important raw material in sanitizing gel, is also increasingly favored by biochemical reagent manufacturers. Hydroxyp
  • HPMC For Medicine
    HPMC for medicine has become one of the largest amount of health care and pharmaceutical excipients at home and abroad, because HPMC for medicine has the advantages that other excipients do not have.1. Water solubilityHPMC for medicine is soluble in cold water below 40 ℃ or 70% ethanol. It is basica
  • HPMC For Tile Adhesives
    Tile adhesives a lot of people also known as ceramic tile adhesives, those who have contacted the use of ceramic tile adhesives to its anti-empty drum, sticky, construction, aging resistance and other advantages are absolutely recognized. Cellulose ether HPMC as the most important additive in tile
  • HPMC Used In Construction
    Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC is a natural polymer material cellulose as raw material, through a series of chemical processing and made of non-ionic cellulose ether. They are an odorless, tasteless, non-toxic white powder that expands into a clear or slightly cloudy colloid solution in cold wa
  • HPMC Used In Eye Drops
    Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC is used to manufacture eye drops, and includes the following steps: first, in the following parts by weight selected raw materials, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC in 3 pieces, 40 ℃ to 70 ℃ in the water for injection in 300-800, to add the hydroxypropyl methyl
  • HPMC Used In Wall Putty/skim Coat
    HPMC can be divided into: construction grade, food grade and medical grade according to the use. At present China is construction grade mostly, in building class, Wall putty/Skim Coat the dosage of skim coat powder is very big. HPMC powder and a large number of other powdery material ingredients, fu
  • HPMC Uses In Concrete
    The introductionAt present, the foam used to make foamed concrete can only be used to make foamed concrete when it has enough toughness and stability when it is mixed with slurry and has no adverse effect on the condensation and hardening of cementitious materials. Based on this, through experiments
  • HPMC Uses In Cosmetics
    Cosmetics grade HPMC Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is a synthetic polymer prepared by chemical modification of natural cellulose as raw material. Cellulose ether is a derivative of natural cellulose, cellulose ether production and synthetic polymer is different, its most basic material is cellulose,
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