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Cosmetic Grade HEC


Hydroxyethyl cellulose, referred to as HEC, the appearance of white or light yellow fibrous solid or powder solid, non-toxic and tasteless, belongs to non-ionic cellulose ether. Hydroxyethyl cellulose is easily soluble in water, both cold and hot water can be dissolved, aqueous solution has no gel properties, has good adhesion, heat resistance, insoluble in general organic solvents. Hydroxyethyl cellulose is an important water-soluble cellulose ether second only to carboxymethyl cellulose and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose in the global market.

Cosmetic grade HEC Hydroxyethyl cellulose hydroxyethyl cellulose is an effective film forming agent, adhesive, thickener, stabilizer and dispersant in shampoo, hair sprays, neutralizer, hair care and cosmetics. In the washing powder is a kind of dirt re - settling agent; The detergent containing hydroxyethyl cellulose has the obvious feature of improving the smoothness and mercerization of the fabric.

Cosmetic grade HEC Hydroxyethyl cellulose preparation method is to put the wood pulp, cotton wool and sodium hydroxide reaction, in order to get the product of alkali cellulose as raw material, after smashing into the reaction kettle, under vacuum conditions in nitrogen, and join the epoxy ethane raw liquid reaction was, in turn add ethanol, acetic acid, glyoxal, cleaning, neutralization and crosslinking reaction of ageing, Finally, the finished product is prepared by washing, dehydration and drying.

Cosmetic grade HEC Hydroxyethyl cellulose with a thickening, bonding, emulsion, suspension, film forming, water retention, anti-corrosion, stability and other characteristics, can be widely used in oil drilling fluid of thickening agent, dispersant, paint and ink products thickener, stabilizer, resin, plastic production of dispersant, textile sizing agent, building materials such as cement and gypsum binder, thickener, water retention agent, Suspending agent and surfactant for daily chemical products, sustained release agent for pharmaceutical field, film coating for tablet, blocker for skeleton materials, adhesive and stabilizer for electronic industry, etc.

In China's market, the application of hydroxyethyl cellulose is mainly concentrated in coatings, daily chemicals, petroleum and other industries, and less in other fields. In addition, the production of hydroxyethyl cellulose in China is mainly low-end products, and its application is mainly concentrated in low-end coatings and daily chemical products. In the high-end market, the number of relevant enterprises in China is small, the output is insufficient, and the external dependence is large. Driven by supply-side reform and environmental protection policies, China's hydroxyethyl cellulose industry structure is constantly adjusting and upgrading, and the localization rate of high-end market will continue to improve in the future.

Chemcial Specification


White to off-white powder

Particle size

98% pass 100 mesh

Molar substituting on degree (MS)


Residue on ignition (%)


pH value


Moisture (%)


Products Grades

HEC grade


(NDJ, mPa.s, 2%)


(Brookfield, mPa.s, 1%)




HEC HS6000


HEC HS30000



HEC HS60000



HEC HS100000



HEC HS150000



HEC Hydroxyethyl cellulose is an important cellulose ether product ranked third in global production and sales. It is a water-soluble non-ionic cellulose, which can be widely used in petroleum, paint, printing ink, textile, building materials, daily chemicals, medicine, electronics and other industries, with broad market development space. Driven by demand, the output of hydroxyethyl cellulose in China is rising. With the upgrading of consumption and the tightening of environmental protection policies, the industry is developing towards high-end. Enterprises that cannot keep up with the pace of development in the future will be gradually eliminated.

Hydroxyethyl cellulose in cosmetics, skin care products is the main role of hair conditioner, film forming agent, emulsifying stabilizer, adhesive, the risk factor is 1, relatively safe, can rest assured to use, for pregnant women generally have no effect, hydroxyethyl cellulose has no acne-causing .

Hydroxyethyl cellulose is a synthetic polymer adhesive used in cosmetics as a skin conditioner, film forming agent and antioxidant.

Issues to be noted when using cosmetic grade HEC hydroxyethyl cellulose:

1. Before and after the addition of cosmetic grade HEC hydroxyethyl cellulose, stirring must be continued until the solution is completely transparent and clear.

2. Sieve the cosmetic grade HEC hydroxyethyl cellulose into the mixing tank slowly. Do not add it in large quantities or directly into the mixing tank.

3. The solubility of cosmetic grade HEC hydroxyethyl cellulose is obviously related to water temperature and PH value, so special attention should be paid to it.

4. Never add an alkaline substance to the mixture before the hydroxyethyl cellulose powder has been cooled through water. Increasing the PH value after warming helps to dissolve.

5. To the extent possible, add mildew inhibitor early.

6. When using high viscosity cosmetic grade HEC hydroxyethyl cellulose, the concentration of mother liquor should not be higher than 2.5-3%, otherwise the mother liquor is difficult to operate. Post-treated hydroxyethyl cellulose is generally not easy to form clumps or spheres, nor will it form insoluble spherical colloids after adding water.

25kg paper bags inner with PE bags.

20’FCL load 12ton with pallet

40’FCL load 24ton with pallet

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