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CMC Uses In Petroleum And Oil Drilling Industry

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Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is made of natural cellulose by chemical modification of water-soluble cellulose ethers derivatives, is a kind of important water-soluble cellulose ether, white or yellowish powder or granular, non-toxic, tasteless, it can be dissolved in water, has good heat stability and salt resistance, strong antimicrobial properties. The slurry fluid prepared by this product has good water loss, inhibition and high temperature resistance. Widely used in oil drilling industry, especially salt water Wells and offshore oil drilling.

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC as a water-soluble polymer, can quickly dissolve in cold water or hot water; As thickening agent, rheological control agent, adhesive, stabilizer, protective colloid, suspension agent and water retention agent, it is a good drilling mud treatment agent and preparation of completion fluid material in oil drilling operation. It has high pulping rate and good salt resistance. CMC is an excellent fluid loss reducing agent for fresh water mud and seawater mud saturated salt mud, and has good viscosity lifting ability and high temperature resistance (150℃). Suitable for the preparation of fresh, seawater and saturated brine completion fluids, and calcium chloride weight can be formulated to a variety of densities of completion fluids, and the completion fluid viscosity and low fluid loss.

Introduction of CMC HV and CMC LV for petroleum drilling fluid

(1)The mud of CMC can make the well wall form thin and firm filter cake with low permeability, so as to reduce the water loss.

(2)After adding CMC to mud, the drill can get low initial shear force, so that mud is easy to release the gas wrapped in it, and the debris is quickly discarded in mud pit.

(3) Drilling mud and other suspended dispersion samples have a certain lifetime, which can be stabilized and extended by adding CMC.

(4) Muds containing CMC are less affected by mold and therefore do not need to maintain a high PH or use preservatives.

(5) Containing CMC as drilling mud cleaning fluid treatment agent, can resist the pollution of various soluble salts.

The mud containing CMC has good stability and can reduce water loss even if the temperature is above 150°C.

Note: the CMC with high viscosity and high degree of substitution is suitable for mud with low density, while the CMC with low viscosity and high degree of substitution is suitable for mud with high density. CMC should be selected according to different conditions such as mud type, region and well depth.

Main uses: CMC in drilling fluid, cementing fluid and fracturing fluid, lifting viscosity and other functions, so as to achieve. To protect the wall, carry drilling cuttings, protect the bit, prevent mud loss, improve the role of drilling speed. Add directly or with glue to add mud, add 0.1-0.3% in fresh water mud, add 0.5-0.8% in salt water mud.

Product features:

1. The product is a linear water-soluble polymer that maintains a low N value and can be adjusted effectively when added to drilling fluid

The flow pattern. It has the advantages of suppressing shale dispersion, resisting inorganic ion pollution, reducing fluid loss, increasing drilling rate and reducing cost.

2. As a flow pattern regulator for drilling fluid, the product has different year, filtration loss reduction performance and flow deformation adjustment function and is better

It can be used as viscosity increasing and filtration decreasing agent in fresh water and salt water slurry.

3. It has good pollution resistance and temperature resistance.

Application of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC in oil drilling industry

1. Application of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC in drilling fluid

The non-dispersible drilling fluid equipped with CMC has a strong cuttings carrying capacity, inhibits clay dispersion, reduces clay pulping speed, is beneficial to wellbore stability and effectively increases drilling rate.

Dispersed drilling fluid with CMC has good suspension ability, can accommodate more solid phase, can greatly improve particle stability, is the most suitable for high-density drilling fluid, and can effectively adjust the rheological properties of drilling fluid; Dense and high-quality mud cake can be formed in drilling fluid, which has excellent filtration loss reduction and free water reduction.

The calcium treated drilling fluid with CMC has good calcium resistance and can prevent excessive flocculation of clay particles in the system caused by calcium ions, so that the drilling fluid can maintain good flocculation state and keep stable solid content and rheological properties of the drilling fluid, so as to ensure good and stable performance of the drilling fluid.

With CMC configuration of brine, sea water drilling fluid, drilling fluid saturated salt water drilling fluid, low sensitivity to salt, strong resistance to salt and calcium, magnesium, used as the rheological regulator, under the condition of low dosage of drilling fluid rheology quick adjustment, can quickly carry out cuttings at the same time, keep low solid content, is helpful to improve the drilling speed. When used as a fluid loss reducer, dense mud cake can be formed. As the filtrate filtered through the filter cake is close to the formation primary water, the filtrate has less damage to the oil and gas layer.

The potassium-based drilling fluid equipped with CMC has low sensitivity to potassium salts, calcium salts and magnesium salts. It can quickly and efficiently adjust the rheological properties of this kind of drilling fluid. It not only has good filtration loss effect, but also has excellent ability to clean cuttings and drill bits.

The polymer drilling fluid equipped with CMC is compatible with other polymers, has strong suspension ability, and can clean up cuttings in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, the drilling fluid is also an excellent fluid loss agent with low solids and clay dispersion.

Low solid drilling fluid equipped with CMC can quickly and efficiently adjust the rheological properties of drilling fluid, excellent suspension ability, timely and efficiently remove cuttings, keep the drilling fluid with low solid content, improve drilling speed, stabilize borehole wall, and have excellent fluid loss reduction effect.

The environmentally friendly drilling fluid equipped with CMC is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless and odorless, biodegradable and not easy to corrupt during use. The drilling fluid has low maintenance cost and the health and safety of construction personnel are guaranteed. It is suitable for drilling under various complicated geological conditions and harmless to agricultural production.

2. Application of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC in cementing fluid (completion fluid)

Cementing fluid flow is improved with a CEMenting slurry configured with CMC, providing optimal initial viscosity and low fluid loss, while protecting the wellbore and preventing fluid from entering the pores and fractures.

The packers equipped with CMC can adjust the fluidity of the liquid, thixotropy and the ability to suspend the solid phase. Because the products have good salt resistance (especially monovalent metal ions), the products can be used to clean the saltwater packers effectively.

The workover fluid prepared with the company's CMC is low-solid and does not block the permeability of the producing zone due to solids or damage the producing zone. And it has low water loss, so that the water into the production layer is reduced, and the water will be blocked by the emulsion and form a water holding phenomenon. The workover fluid formulated with CMC and PAC provides advantages over other workover fluids. Protect the production zone from permanent damage; Cleanhole portability and reduced borehole maintenance; It is resistant to infiltration of water and silt, and rarely blistered; It can be stored or reused from well to well at a lower cost than conventional mud workover fluids.

3. Application of carboxymethyl cellulose sodium CMC in fracturing fluid

Prepared with CMC fracturing fluid, can quickly improve the viscosity of fracturing fluid, can efficiently carry proppant into oil well fracture, establish seepage channels, quickly reduce the amount of filtration, the formation pressure rise quickly, and to achieve the efficient transfer of pressures, the product has no residue, no damage to the underlying, pumpability high, small friction, and have ability to carry proppant.

Packaging, storage and transportation:

The products are packed in paper-plastic composite bags or lined plastic woven bags and sealed tightly. Net weight 25kg per bag. This product should be stored in a cool place

Dry place, in storage and transportation should prevent moisture, heat and packaging damage.