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CMC Uses In Mining Industry

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Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is used as a pellet binder and flotation inhibitor in the mining industry. CMC is a raw material for ore powder forming binder. The binder is an indispensable component for making pellets. Improve the properties of wet ball, dry ball and roasted pellets, have good cohesiveness and ball-forming properties, the produced green ball has good anti-knock performance, higher dry and wet ball compression and drop strength, and at the same time It can improve the grade of pellets. CMC is also a regulator in the flotation process. It is mainly used as a silicate gangue inhibitor, in the separation of copper and lead, and sometimes used as a sludge dispersant.

Dissolution method

Mix CMC directly with water to make a paste. In the configuration of CMC glue, a certain amount of clean water is first added to the mixing tank with a mixing device. Under the condition of opening the mixing device, the CMC is slowly and evenly scattered into the mixing tank, and constantly stirred, so that the CMC and water are fully integrated and the CMC can be fully dissolved. When dissolving the CMC, evenly distribute it and constantly stir it to prevent the CMC from clumping and caking when it meets with water, and reduce the CMC dissolution rate. The stirring time and the CMC completely dissolve time are not the same, they are two concepts. Generally speaking, the stirring time is much shorter than the CMC completely dissolve time, and the time required by the two depends on the specific situation.

The basis for determining the stirring time is that when the CMC is evenly dispersed in the water and there is no obvious large lumpy object, the stirring can be stopped and the CMC and the water can permeate and fuse with each other in a static state.

The time required for the complete dissolution of CMC can be determined based on the following aspects:

(1) CMC is completely bonded to water, and there is no solid-liquid separation between CMC and water;

(2) The mixed glue is in a uniform state, and the surface is smooth;

(3) The color of mixed aleurone is close to colorless and transparent, and there is no granular object in the aleurone. It takes between 1 and 20 hours from the time the CMC is put into the mixing tank and mixed with water until the CMC is completely dissolved.

CMC Applications in Mining Industry

In mining, CMC is a cost-effective additive to improve green strength and to be used as a binder in the pelleting process of iron ore. It is also a necessary additive to separate valuable mineral components from gangue minerals during the fourth flotation process. CMC is used as an adhesive to ensure excellent green strength of the granules during production. Acting as an organic binder during pelleting, our products help to reduce silica content in sintered iron ore. Excellent water absorption also results in higher rebound strength. CMC can also improve the porosity of ore, thus improving the sintering efficiency. Our products are easily burned during firing, leaving no harmful residues and no negative effects.

Our Mining grade CMC products have been used as inhibitors, in the process separating worthless stone minerals from floating valuable components. It helps to reduce energy costs for smelting operations and improve concentrate grade, ultimately leading to a more cost-effective flotation process. CMC assists the separation process by pushing down priceless gangue material. The product creates a hydrophilic surface and reduces surface tension to prevent gangue minerals from attaching to floating bubbles containing valuable hydrophobic minerals.

Application method of mining grade CMC:

Mining grade CMC carboxymethyl cellulose directly mixed with water, prepared into a paste glue liquid, standby. In the configuration dressing carboxymethyl cellulose paste adhesive, first with mixing plant ingredients in cylinder to join a certain amount of clean water, in the open under the condition of stirring device, the Mining grade CMC carboxymethyl cellulose slowly and evenly to the ingredients in cylinder, stir constantly, make the Mining grade CMC carboxymethyl cellulose and water total integration, Mining grade CMC carboxymethyl cellulose can fully melted. In the dissolution of carboxymethyl cellulose, the reason to evenly spread, and constantly stirring, the purpose is "in order to prevent the Mining grade CMC carboxymethyl cellulose and water meet, agglomeration, agglomeration, reduce the concentration of carboxymethyl cellulose solubility problem", and improve the dissolution rate of carboxymethyl cellulose dressing. Stirring time and mineral processing carboxymethyl cellulose complete dissolution time is not consistent, are two concepts, generally speaking, stirring time is much shorter than the time required for the complete dissolution of carboxymethyl cellulose, the required time depends on the specific situation.

Storage transport

This product should be stored against moisture, fire and high temperature, and should be stored in a dry and ventilated place.

Rain proof during transportation, iron hooks are strictly prohibited in loading and unloading. Long term storage and pile pressure of this product may cause agglomeration when unpacking, which will cause inconvenience but will not affect the quality.

The product is strictly prohibited to contact with water when stored, otherwise it will be gelatinized or partially dissolved, resulting in unusable.